Saturday, 29 April 2017

#geobritainroadtrip - Cheddar Gorge

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David and I took a day trip to Cheddar! We left at the break of dawn to make sure that we would have the whole day at the site, whilst avoiding the worst of the M5 rush hour. I visited Cheddar Gorge late last year and I was there for about half an hour – it was freezing cold and was full of dense fog, I could barely see the rocks. I was on my way home from Devon and detoured to see th Gorge; but ended up hardly seeing anything. I have wanted to go back ever since.

Cheddar Gorge is split into two – the north side is owned by the National Trust, and the south side is owned by the Wildlife Trust. There is a circular walking route which you can follow, up and along the top of the Gorge, before dropping down to cross the road, and then back up again. The best views of the Gorge are easily from the south side. On a clear day, the views are beautiful – we could see for miles and miles. We visited in spring; the bluebells and wood anemones were gorgeous, and we counted plenty orchids.

The Gorge is well known as a tourist attraction. There are caves which can be explored (at a (high) cost), and lots of shops to mooch about in. Cheddar Gorge also is known for cheese! The cheese wheels are matured in the back of one of the caves. We bought a small wheel of the mature Cheddar cheddar – very nice. 

Glow worm!!!

Thar be fossils in these rocks

View over the Gorge with the reservoir 

The cheddar quarry. Cheese is extracted here before it is matured in the caves. ;-)