Saturday, 5 March 2016

In a previous life...

So when I was kid I lived abroad – in Saudi Arabia! This year (2016) marks the 20 year anniversary of leaving and coming back to England. I lived in Saudi with my fam, because my dad worked out there during the 80s and early 90s with BAE. While I don’t remember most of what happened in Saudi, the stuff I do remember is GREAT. I love that country, I love the desert, I love the heat, I love the dry air, I love the sandstorms. I miss it, quite a lot. I get horribly homesick for the desert on a clear night when I can see all the stars.

I’m posting this because starting in May, I will be posting the journal and photos and memories of the journey home over on a tumblr blog, which will be live soon. Still typing up the diaries and scanning pics for it! You can take a looksie at it here

For now, here’s some pics.