Thursday, 24 March 2016

Rowley Hills

All links open in new windows, and all pics were taken by me!

In the Rowley area of the Black Country, there is a patch of land with my favourite things – rocks! Part of this land is a designated nature reserve, but in a previous life, it was a quarry.

Part of the exposure of the 'Rowley Rag'.

The rocks here are dolerite and were formed as part of a lopolith. The dolerite here shows very, very good examples of ‘onion skin weathering’ which occurs as the rocks expand and contract with heating and freezing. This causes layers to peel off the rocks, like an onion!

Me, with a very nice area of onion skin weathering.

I’ve never been to this site before and I would quite like to go back and have a proper look at the rocks here – always more to see! 

Mega nice example of onion skin weathering!
More examples of onion skin weathering.