Tuesday, 26 April 2016

#geobritainroadtrip – Beer Quarry Caves

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The bestie and I visited Beer Quarry Caves as part of our jaunt to the south coast for the first part of the #geobritainroadtrip. I saw this place online by chance, and knew I had to go, and I fully recommend it to EVERYONE. It was SO GOOD! There aren’t actually words to describe how much I enjoyed it and how good it was, it was really interesting, the history of the site and the presence of greater horseshoe bats who use it as roost – it really is worth a trip and a visit. Also if you forget your jumper you can borrow a wonderful fleece poncho (see pic).

The Beer Quarry Caves are in Beer, near to Seaton, on the Jurassic Coast. They are a man-made cave network, and have been extensively quarried since the Roman times, and different areas of the caves show different extraction techniques, favoured by the relevant time period and methods. It truly is a walk through time, and at the end of the tour there are some SPECTACULAR slickenlines. I kissed them, they were that good.

Honestly I can’t endorse, recommend, suggest, promote, advertise or rave about this place enough. Kelly and I were lucky to be the only two people on the tour, the tour guide was wonderful and so knowledgeable, and it really was a great few hours.


Kelly looks much better in a hard hat than I do

See? Proof.