Wednesday, 27 April 2016

#geobritainroadtrip – Budleigh Salterton

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This section of red sandstone cliffs is probably one of my utter favourite cliff sections in the whole of the UK. Sandstone! Faults! River channels! Cross bedding! Mineral leaching! Pebble beds! Aahhhh!! It’s so exciting, I love this cliff section.

The rocks at Budleigh Salterton are Triassic Sandstone, which incidentally is one of my favourite sedimentary rock types. This rock was deposited in a dry, arid, desert environment, and has an absolute textbook example of normal faulting creating a horst & graben structure. The river channel deposits here are shown in pretty much perfect cross section, and ugh, I just love this rock section. At the eastern end, towards the car park, there is an area with lots of caliche.

Rock face with a zone of leaching (yellow line) at the base

Close up of the leach layer

Spot the fault! (Diagonal line running top left to bottom right)