Thursday, 8 June 2017

Day 08; #30DaysWild - A Happy Laura

On the third day of my new job and day 08 of #30DaysWild, I was very happy. Settling in well at my new job, helped with lots of practical work including bashing a lump of concrete off a post with a wrecking bar – very fun, very hard! I had a happy and smelly day at work. Very grateful to have the chance to work outdoors and get involved in park maintenance and conservation.

Every June the Wildlife Trusts run a campaign called 30 Days Wild. This is my second year taking part, and the idea is to encourage wildness, exploration and an involvement with the natural world. The daily things can be anything, from walking barefoot, to doing outdoor yoga, or growing veg to hunting out woodlice under a stone. Little things that help you reconnect with nature! Random Acts of Wildness are also fully encouraged.