Saturday, 10 June 2017

Day 10; #30DaysWild - Exploring Some Nettles

On day 10 of #30DaysWild I was at work in Warwickshire. In the afternoon I tended to the educational garden before having a hayfever attack and getting through two packets of tissues (HOW can I produce SO MUCH SNOT), so I took myself off in the truck to do a site patrol. I went to the far end of site to have a look at a patch of nettles. This patch has been left to grow long and wild and it’s really good for wildlife spotting. I saw three types of damselfly, two types of spider, 3 types of hoverflies, 2 types of bumblebee, and a bunny rabbit! Leaving an area of nettles to grow can make a really good habitat for a range of beasties.

Every June the Wildlife Trusts run a campaign called 30 Days Wild. This is my second year taking part, and the idea is to encourage wildness, exploration and an involvement with the natural world. The daily things can be anything, from walking barefoot, to doing outdoor yoga, or growing veg to hunting out woodlice under a stone. Little things that help you reconnect with nature! Random Acts of Wildness are also fully encouraged.