Sunday, 11 June 2017

Day 11; #30DaysWild - Lickey Festival

Day 11 of #30DaysWild was spent volunteering on two stalls at the Lickey Festival. For the first part I was at the Lickey Hills Ranger stall (hayfevering mostly, but also talking to people about bees). For the second part I was talking to people about geology, on the Geo-Champions stall. I spent about 40 minutes explaining everything about geology and geological history to two policemen!

The stall next to the Rangers was an animal stall, and they had rabbits, a meerkat, a skunk, spiders, snakes and stick insects. I love snakes, so I held one! It slithered around my neck and shoulders for a bit before settling down in the warm and snuggly hood of my jumper. After the lady retrieved him, I then held a stick insect, who crawled up my arm and settled on my throat. Its feet were very tickly! 

Every June the Wildlife Trusts run a campaign called 30 Days Wild. This is my second year taking part, and the idea is to encourage wildness, exploration and an involvement with the natural world. The daily things can be anything, from walking barefoot, to doing outdoor yoga, or growing veg to hunting out woodlice under a stone. Little things that help you reconnect with nature! Random Acts of Wildness are also fully encouraged.