Thursday, 2 June 2016

Day 02; #30DaysWild - Bee Watering Station

For day two of this year’s #30DaysWild challenge I opted to do something positive for nature in my own back garden. Using a plant pot drip tray, some glass beads and some water, I have made a bee watering station! Though it isn’t exclusive to bees, the idea is that flying insects can come down to the tray and rest on the marbles while being able to drink water without risking falling in and drowning. I put it on a table under one of our fruit trees which is sheltered and surrounded by flowering plants, so there is lots of food nearby, and the water won’t evaporate quite so fast (it would do so in full sunlight).

See pics below to make your own insect watering station

Every June the Wildlife Trusts run a campaign called 30 Days Wild. This year I shall be taking part! It is my first time doing the challenge, and I’ve been planning lots of things to do over the month. The idea is to encourage wildness, exploration and an involvement with the natural world. The daily things can be anything, from walking barefoot, to doing outdoor yoga, or growing veg to hunting out woodlice under a stone. Little things that help you reconnect with nature!