Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Day 08; #30DaysWild - Dancing in the Rain

On day 8 I was out for another day of training so I spent my day dressed like a Ghostbuster! I also saw a real weird, big, flying insect thing that looked like a cicada but I’m not sure if it was one?! Ran to get my phone (had to de-kit, that took a while) and by the time I got back it had gone. It was about an inch long, brown, had a white & speckled underside and a hard wing case. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one before and I’ve had a google but can’t seem to find what it is.

For my #30DaysWild ‘thing’ I danced in the pouring rain! You have probably seen the weather and the storms and the flooding in London and Birmingham… I love the rain. Love love love the rain, proper big heavy rain that means it. So I grabbed my hula hoop and went for a dance!

Every June the Wildlife Trusts run a campaign called 30 Days Wild. This year I shall be taking part! It is my first time doing the challenge, and I’ve been planning lots of things to do over the month. The idea is to encourage wildness, exploration and an involvement with the natural world. The daily things can be anything, from walking barefoot, to doing outdoor yoga, or growing veg to hunting out woodlice under a stone. Little things that help you reconnect with nature!